Is your business set up to support commerce anywhere?

Test whether you empower consumers and business users in the pursuit of an outstanding customer experience.

Consumer journeys are now more complex than ever before, and the marketplace is highly competitive. Shoppers no longer visit one store in order to purchase a product - they browse on their mobile device, investigate online, compare prices on price comparison sites, read product reviews, visit a store to feel product quality and scour the web for the best possible price.

The sheer amount of options the modern consumer has today means retailers need to differentiate. An outstanding customer experience has to transcend all channels – from online to mobile to brick and mortar. Retailers need to connect their physical with their digital platform in order to give consumers a total retail experience.

In order to accomplish this, businesses need to optimize operations throughout these four pillars:

  • Give your customers a total retail experience by providing commerce anywhere
  • Provide an individual customer experience
  • Empower your business users with insight and arm them with the right tools
  • Support all business models from a single platform